Alaska Virtual School™ & Orion Schools

The Alaska Virtual School™ (AKVS™) is powered by Orion Schools (Orion High School, Orion Middle School, and Orion Elementary School) and serves students everywhere.

Our dynamic learning environment provides comprehensive, virtual,
K-12 education to students at all levels. Whether you're a home,
private, or a public school student, we have many options for you.
Take a moment to look around and find out how AKVS™  together with Orion Schools can work
for you.

AKVS™ and our partner, Orion, are committed to delivering quality instruction in a
technologically-rich and supportive environment. We believe that
students should be active learners with real choices. Our students
benefit from one-on-one, online instruction designed to cater to
individualized student learning needs and patterns.

That’s right! Alaska residents enjoy some of the most homeschool-friendly regulations in the United States. Take advantage of this great opportunity to give the best to your child. Use our online registration form to get started. Registration only takes a few moments, but the benefits last a lifetime.

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Every AKVS™ /Orion student is provided their own classroom and teacher-mentor.  This is where students will find their daily schedule, lessons, grades, and messages from instructors awaiting them each time they log in.

Academic assistance is available for students with one-on-one interaction.



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