Why Orion?

The Alaska Virtual School is regional campus of the Orion family of schools. The Alaska Virtual School itself current serves as a recruitment tool for Orion Elementary, Orion Middle, and Orion High School. The Alaska Virtual School is not a virtual campus where students can enroll or complete coursework. Students that find the Alaska Virtual School are likely looking for an accredited online education, which can be found at Orion's main campuses for grades K-12.

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Welcome to the Alaska Virtual School

Orion and the AKVS

Welcome to the Alaska Virtual School™! The AKVS is now apart of Orion Online Learning, Incorporated, and their three schools: Orion Elementary School, Orion Middle School, and Orion High School. Together, the AKVS™ powered by Orion provides Oklahoma learners a chance at the fully accredited education they deserve!


Why Alaska Virtual School?


AccreditedAlaska Virtual School students complete courses through Orion High School, an accredited, private, online school.


AffordableTuition is charged and collected by Orion High School, who offers affordable monthly and annual tuition options, as well as military and multiple student discounts.


AccessibleStudents will have access to Orion High School's accessible courses which can be completed on almost any device, at any time, anywhere.
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